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Progressive American Update The Progressive American

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  1. Progressive American Update
  2. Episode 53: MAGA Terrorist Attacks Nancy Pelosi's home, Charlie Kirk’s defense of Maga Terrorism, Elon Musk’s abuse of Twitter, and Response to Kevin Phares on Mara-Lago Raid
  3. Episode 52: Trump’s anti-semitism, Dinesh D’Souza’s Election Conspiracies Debunked, the Illinois Governor’s debate, etc.
  4. Episode 51: Steve Bannon Arrested, Darren Bailey's Many Problems, Ukrainian Counterattack and Talking the Midterms with Dr. Matthew Geras
  5. Episode 50: Mar-A-Lago Searched, Calling out Ben Shapiro on Student Loan Forgiveness, Biden Slams Maga Fascism and Talking Christian Nationalism with NateTalksToYou