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The Progressive American is moving to Substack

By: Conor J. Kelly Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Superbowl Sunday! I had the pleasure of visiting my family this weekend, so I know I spent this weekend well. As many of you are likely aware, I have been dealing with some unfortunate issues with the newsletter thanks to a supposedly temporary…

Urgent Newsletter Update

By: Conor J. Kelly Hello everyone, I am writing to you all today just to update you all about a recent development that has come to my attention surrounding Twitter’s API system. Previously, the API allowed third parties to connect to Twitter through automated bots. However, Elon Musk recently announced that API usage will no…

GOP Lies and Howls During State of the Union

By: Conor J. Kelly There is a saying that I have heard many times in politics, “a hit dog barks.” This old saying is almost always illustrative of individuals who protest too firmly against an accusation against them, signifying that the accusation is almost certainly true. And there is no better phrase to describe the…

The GOP Ousts Ilhan Omar: A Partisan and Bigoted Move

BY: Conor J. Kelly Nobody should be surprised, and yet nobody should pretend it wasn’t a bigoted and partisan attack. In a brazen act of retaliation against Democrats, the House GOP stripped Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mich) from the Foreign Affairs committee, citing her comments on Israeli foreign policy. The vote, which went entirely along partisan…


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