The Progressive American is moving to Substack

By: Conor J. Kelly

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Good morning everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Superbowl Sunday! I had the pleasure of visiting my family this weekend, so I know I spent this weekend well.

As many of you are likely aware, I have been dealing with some unfortunate issues with the newsletter thanks to a supposedly temporary API issue with Twitter.

While Twitter is not the sole basis for promoting the newsletter, it is a critical part of spreading it. Much of my branding and promotion has come from my Twitter account and the Twitter threads that have boosted my work over the years.

Unfortunately, that is not the only issue that has plagued my move to WordPress. Since the UIS Observer stopped paying student employees, I have had to make difficult financial decisions, and one of those that I have been seriously looking at is the state of the website. While WordPress provides an excellent array of options for promoting my work, and I have come to enjoy the website’s design, the fact remains that a subscription like this is not easy to maintain.

As a result, I am officially moving to Substack. I will wait a week and a half from Today before I end my WordPress subscription so that you can all access my materials. If you are a free subscriber, you don’t have to do a thing; I will add you to the newsletter automatically so you can continue reading. If you are paid, I will cancel your subscriptions so that you are not charged for the material you are not yet receiving, but you can set up your new subscription with the link here.

Unfortunately, Substack requires a minimum of $5 a month, but thankfully, the subscription system does not apply a minimum amount for the yearly subscription, which rests at $35 for the entire year.

I want to also thank all my readers for all the support they have provided me for so long, and I greatly appreciate the suggestions many of you have made. I will be adding more content on Substack for all of you to enjoy, and I look forward to writing more for you all.

Thank you so much,



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