Progressive American Subscriptions Coming Out!

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Hello everyone!

Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of seeing more of you join The Progressive American newsletter, and you have been incredibly supportive of my work.

It has been my pleasure to continue writing for you all, and I intend to keep up the work that has made this newsletter an incredible part of my life and career. I thank you all for your incredible support. You make this work worth it all.

However, in recent months I have been sadly informed that I will no longer be a writer for the UIS Observer, where I have worked for nearly a year. The loss of that paper and the revenue it provided means that my financial situation is significantly more complicated.

To address this, I have made the difficult decision to establish a subscription-based system for long-form content going forward. Rest assured, short-form argumentative essays and project updates will remain free, but more long-form analyses will be subscription only.

This decision was not made lightly, and I would not do it unless it was necessary to continue my work here. I understand that not everyone can or is willing to pay for a subscription, but I hope you will continue enjoying the newsletter regardless of your payment status.

If you would like to subscribe, you can find the subscription page which is now up!

Thanks for everything, and Happy Holidays,



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