Marjorie Taylor Greene Brags That She Would Win January 6th

This overt support for a violent overthrow of the American government is just another sign that Rep. Greene does not belong in Congress.

By House Creative Services –, Public Domain,

Not a day goes by without some insane comment by the Congresswoman from Georgia coming to light. Whether it is her age-old comments about the Twin Towers, the ridiculous QAnon Conspiracy Theory, or the idea that Nancy Pelosi should be executed for treason, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has proven herself to be a consistent voice for the unhinged and unintelligible. But now, it seems as though she has taken it a step further, arguing that they would have been successful if she had been in charge of the January 6th insurrection’s planning.

The disgusting comments come amid the Republicans’ recent success in taking the House, effectively signaling the death of the January 6th committee, something that the Rep. from Georgia has been happy to denounce repeatedly, falsely claiming that the rioters were being unfairly treated.

Such context is critical because it plays into the way Republicans like Greene have played on the January 6th attack and have dealt with the consequences of their election denialism. Rather than examining what the judiciary and multiple investigations have already told them, MAGA Republicans like Greene have instead taken to mocking the investigation and questions raised about their activities before the said riot.

While Greene has claimed that her comments were sarcastic, the fact that she made them at all is indicative of the brazen appeal to violence, both stochastic or otherwise, that remains within Greene’s rhetoric.

This is the same woman who insinuated that Speaker Pelosi had committed treason and should be executed and has posted an image of herself with firearms next to photographs of progressives such as the Squad. Insinuated and explicit violence are a centerpiece of her rhetoric and have remained a part of her persona in politics from the very beginning.

Even her claims of sarcasm should raise eyebrows, as she has previously had to walk back her affiliation with the infamous Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, who she stumped for and praised mere moments after he praised Adolf Hitler. She later claimed she didn’t know who Fuentes was. Needless to say, I didn’t buy that argument, and I don’t buy this one.

My article on Nick Fuentes and Rep. Greene

All of this absurd and dangerous rhetoric shows that no matter how far Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone in the past, she can always go a step further while accepting none of the consequences.

While it may be comforting to ridicule Greene as a fringe figure, the fact of the matter is that she is still a strong force within the Republican Party. She is currently helping Rep. Kevin McCarthy in his effort to gain the Speakership for 2023 and has a strong campaign finance game. She is not going anywhere. If she continues down this path and is left to her own devices, she will radicalize the GOP beyond anything a reasonable person could imagine.


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